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Each EMC/Safety project has specific features and depending on the exact needs of the customer the type of work to be carried out by us is very different. Therefore, we think a transparent pricing system and firm agreements in advance are essential in order to allow the customer to make up a budget in advance.


So before we start working on your project we will discuss the different possibilities together with you and after your decision we make up a detailed project proposal with fixed prices and conditions.

To give you an idea, the rates for some typical services we offer are:

EMC measurements in the FAR assisted by our test engineer: 155 EUR / h

Reporting of measurements: 75 EUR/h

Investigation on safety problems: 95 EUR/h

Preliminary advice on your EMC/Safety project: 120 EUR/h

Rental of our SAR if you perform your own measurements: 600 EUR/day (minimum of 4 hours = 300 EUR)

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