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EMC Measurements

In general a number of high quality electronic instruments are needed to perform all the EMC tests prescribed in order to comply with the European norms on EMC. Also, it is necessary to do these tests in suitable test environments like anechoic or semi-anechoic test rooms for the results to be reliable and repeatable.

In our test facilities you will have all these tools at your disposal for an affordable price, including the advice of our experts for those measurements you do not feel comfortable with. So in fact the EMC measurements we offer you can be:

Assisted Measurements

The equipment or configuration you want to be tested is placed in one of our test rooms and the IE Solutions technician will perform the tests for you or together with you, using the instruments most appropriate for the measurements and according to the norms you specify. The customer can specify the report(s) which should result from these measurements.


For the customers already familiar with the tests to be performed and with the instruments and test environment available (typically after attending our seminars and following one or several training lessons) have the opportunity to rent one of our rooms for the time needed (with a minimum of 4 hours) to perform the necessary tests. These customers make their own reports according to their wishes. If they wish these reports to be verified or validated we can offer you the support of one of the consultants we co-operate with.

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