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Road to Compliance

Several routes can lead towards EMC compliance:

TCF route

The manufacturer makes a Technical Construction File (TCF) which is an in-depth technical file containing all relevant technical details about the apparatus.

This TCF must be kept safe as it could contain secret information and should be made available on the request of the governmental agency in your country competent for this matter. This method which does not require any proof of real compliance with the standards, is not much used these days, except from very simple applications such as flash lights. After approval by the national or European authority, a Declaration Of Conformity (DOC) shall be made by the manufacturer.

Tests performed by an independent Test House

When the appliance passes the tests, a DOC shall be made according the performed tests.
In many cases first a Technical File is created by the manufacturer which is used as a basic input by the test-house. Though this is not compulsory we do recommend it since it provides essential information to be acquired before testing can start. After the tests and with all data and test reports at hand, a TCF is easily created In case the competent authority starts an investigation (after a complaint about your apparatus or as part of a surveillance carried out by the authorities) a TCF will help you to convince them of your good faith in complying with the EMC requirements.

Self Certification

If an appropriate harmonized standard for the apparatus can be found, self certification is a convenient approach to follow. It is clear that special medical or hazardous equipment must be tested by a testhouse. When using self certification, you simply do the tests yourself. EMC tests are not so difficult to perform as others would like you to believe, provided you use the necessary professional equipment and followed a basic training course.

Self certification is a perfect solution for small and medium companies as the tests require little investment and offer immediate and repeatable results. Given the present availability of high-quality test tools at moderate prices, the affordability of self-certification is much less problematic than in the past. IE Solutions combined all these tools into one compact package and makes it available to our customers after they followed a brief introduction course in the use of the different elements of the concept.

Self certification can also come in handy during the development process of your product for low-cost precompliance testing, offering valuable feed-back which will improve the quality of your end-product.

Are you being served?

Find out how we can help you or just contact us straight away. We can provide you with all details to comply with all necessary standards.

Potential Risks

Last but not least we would like to warn you about possible risks of being non-compliant with EMC directives. If a company is selling an electrical appliance within the European Union which is found non-compliant, it will be subjected to criminal prosecution, possibly leading to severe penalties.

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