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EMC Directives

Through the publication of EMC directives the European Union publishes the standard texts about the EMC-rules to follow for manufacturers planning to bring electric/electronic euipment on the market in the EU. These directives give a general overview as well as more detailed information per product type.

Our company has quite a few directives in its archive and we use them in order to give you up-to-date advice on the current EMC-regulations in the EU.

These directives are not free of charge and can be acquired through IEC.

EMC Directives - History

The European union is a front runner in the development of EMC regulations. Already before the second world war countries like Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom formed the CISPR (Comite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques) dealing with the emission of electric appliances and the ir potential interference problems. CISPR still exists and the CISPR emission norms of today are used as the basis for the unified IEC and EN norms on emission.

In 1984 CENELEC (Comite Europeen de Normalisation Electrotechnique) was given the assignment by the EU to study and develop the European standards. As a result they published standards for emission, immunity and safety. Tests on these 3 are all compulsory now but emission is perhaps in general terms the most essential. Emission is based on the principle of "Thy shall not disturb others". Immunity is concerned with possible failure of the apparatus as a consequence of the influence of another instrument. Safety refers to electrical safety, for example the protection from the high voltage towards the user of the apparatus.

There is a great diversity of standards available at the moment and when an apparatus complies with the standards relevant to it, this can be considered an important element in the quality assessment process. CE compliance is highly regarded throughout the whole world. European laws are in most cases the most severe and complete standards available. Manufacturers are of course allowed to use even more severe standards but at least compliance with European standards guarantees a place for your electrical appliance on the European sales markets.

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