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About us

Integrated EMI Solutions, short IE Solutions, former department of Intersoft Electronics (renowned for its advanced Radar test tools) was established as a separate company in the year 2000. Originally the main purpose of the company was to provide its sister companies in the Inventive Engineering group (next to Intersoft Electronics it concerns Timetronics NV, RS Scan International NV, ADA-Systems BVBA) with methods/tools to perform all

the EMC tests they need.

First the CE certification system was reviewed and demystified in order to extract the essential elements. The aim was to develop an easy-to-use and legal self-certification system. Combining the appropriate hardware and software we built a testlab which is compact, mobile and perfectly adequate for most EMC-testing needs of the average electronics producer. Given the apparent lack of suitable alternative on the market for EMC services, we decided to share this development with other companies and to sell and rent out our test-lab solutions.

Because some producers require larger test rooms and more advanced certification procedures, we have decided to integrate the activities of Hevrox EMC/Safety Test house, since 1997 a well established name in the world of Belgian EMC testhouses, within IE Solutions.

The newly established entity allows us to offer the customers a complete range of solutions for their EMC/Safety problems in the best conditions and for everyone's needs and budget.


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