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EMC/Safety testing for everyone!

In the framework of the European legislation on CE-labeling, Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Safety for products containing electronics are an important concern on the road to acquiring the certificates of conformity that should be obtained before a product can be placed on the market. 

Many small, medium-sized and large Belgian companies need to find a testhouse that can provide them with the equipment, knowledge and time necessary to perform the required EMC/Safety tests. No need to search any further! A solution can be found very close to you…

Integrated EMI Solutions (short: IE SOLUTIONS) and its division HEVROX, having many years of experience in the EMC/Safety testing environment, offer EVERY company that needs advice and support to deal with the complexities of the EMC / Safety tests a solution tailored to its needs.

We combine the tools for (pre)compliance testing and self-certification in well-equipped facilities offering all the means to perfectly test your products on potential emission or immunity problems. Our expert consultants can support you during the certification process and will provide you with valuable advice on EMC and Safety problems that you encounter while assessing your electronics products in the CE context.

We hope the information on this website can convince you that it is a good idea to contact us and discuss your problems regarding EMC/Safety testing, so that together we can work out the optimal solution for your company's EMC/safety problems.

  Main Features
  • Affordable
  • Convenient and flexible testing during and after development
  • Self-service or with support by our consultants
  • Solutions for EMC measurements and Safety tests
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